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Office lighting – The importance of light at work

Lighting in our workplace (whether we work at home or in an office) is an important factor that shouldn’t be ignored. We spend around a third of the hours in the day working, how could we not consider lighting to be extremely important?

There are many people who ignore this issue and do not give it the importance it deserves, but working in a poorly lit and decorated space can have terrible consequences for our mental health in the long run.

Proper lighting is essential to being able to seamlessly perform the tasks that our job requires, in addition to helping to save energy.

When the lighting isn’t right, the worker tends to force their eyesight, thus generating eye fatigue that can cause headaches, tiredness and a bad mood, among other symptoms, in addition to contributing to a lack of concentration and productivity.

How should we properly light up our workplace?

Each workplace is arranged differently, but everyone should try to make the most of natural light because it facilitates visual performance and doesn’t produce fatigue or stress.

To do so, it’s a good idea to place the tables near the windows and have the windows be on the opposite side of our predominant hand in order to avoid creating shadows and eyestrain.

Iluminación para oficinas

Natural light can vary depending on the day, which is why you should combine it with another type of light that, despite being artificial, won’t contribute to eyestrain.

Types of lighting in an office.

The best option is to combine general and functional lighting to ensure you have all the light you need at any time of day.

The general lighting is usually distributed throughout the room. We’re referring to ceiling lamps with a wide beam of light that provide uniform and direct light throughout the space. It improves the worker’s visibility by reducing shadows.

Functional lighting provides a focused light that is directed at each workstation, adapting to each person’s needs and type of activity.

Office lamp models.

BIG lamp – Vibia

The BIG lamp by Vibia in its ceiling or pendant lamp version provides a direct, diffused and uniform light, making it an incredible option for lighting up our workstation. It’s a perfect lamp for large spaces with high ceilings.

Lámpara Big Vibia para el trabajo


Tolomeo Table Lamp – Artemide

Tolomeo is an articulated table lamp perfect for use in work areas. Its multiple sizes and models allow it to adapt to all types of spaces.

Tolomeo para el trabajo


Flex table lamp – Vibia

Tolomeo is an articulated table lamp perfect for use in work areas. Its multiple sizes and models allow it to adapt to all types of spaces.

Lámpara de trabajo Flex Vibia


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