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Designer ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps play a very important role in our home because a bad choice canruin all the interior design work.

Designer ceiling lights, thanks mainly to their location and their shapes, can radically change a room, giving it a unique look.

There are many different styles of ceiling lights: from minimalist ceiling lights to beautiful ceiling lights capable of illuminating entire rooms to perfection.

What to consider when buying a designer ceiling lamp.


When choosing our ceiling light it is very important to know how many lumens are needed per room as it will make the search much easier.

Room (general lighting)Average surface area (m2)Lumens (lm)
Dining room101500-2000lm
Master bedroom151500-2000lm
Children's bedroom101200-1500lm

Type of lamp

Within the ceiling lamps we can find the following models:

Ceiling light: Ceiling lights are lamps that are integrated into the ceiling. We can differentiate between two types of ceiling lights:

Continuous soffit: The continuous soffit has a smooth surface and its structure is visible.

Dismountable ceiling: This is the most commonly used in offices and premises. Its structure is formed from gridded plates, simulating a "false ceiling".

Semi-floodlight: A semi-floodlight is a surface-mounted ceiling luminaire, placed a few centimetres above the ceiling. They are usually the most common as there are different models and they allow the structure and design of the luminaire to be appreciated.

LED spotlights: Spotlights are small surface-mounted or recessed luminaires that can be installed in both concrete and plasterboard ceilings. We can find adjustable models and they do NOT emit heat.

Recessed lights: Recessed lights are installed in a hollow opening, inside small metal housings, so that it only looks like a light is shining from the ceiling.

Material of the lamps

Glass: Glass is one of the most used materials as it is an incredible light reflector and perfectly mouldable.

Metal: Metal is the most widely used material in the world of lighting, it accepts a large number of finishes which opens up a wide range of possibilities. They are also good conductors of electricity and heat.

Wood: Although it is usually used in hanging lamps, we can also find wooden ceiling lamps.

Glass: Like glass, it is an incredible light reflector, although the latter is usually used in very sophisticated luminaires as it is a more expensive material.


Depending on our room and the effect we want to achieve, we can choose between different versions and sizes.

If you wish to install a single central luminaire, either recessed or a semi-recessed luminaire, you must take into account the size of the room to be illuminated.

For the diameter of the luminaire to be correct, you must add the width + length of the room and multiply it by 3. The result will be multiplied again by 2.5 and the result will be the approximate diameter that the lamp should have.

The best brands for designer ceiling lamps

Vibia ceiling lamps

Vibia ceiling lamps aim to create lighting capable of creating different expressions and becoming the centre of attention.

They have different models and finishes so that finding your perfect luminaire is a simple task.

Best selling Vibia models:

TOP: This family of lamps designed by Ramos & Bassols are made of aluminium and are characterised by a small central sphere that produces and reflects a warm illumination towards a larger sphere thanks to its high quality LED source.

FUNNEL: We can classify this family as a Vibia must-have. These modern ceiling lamps provide an indirect light that gives warmth and comfort to the room in which they are used.

Artemide ceiling lamps

Artemide aims to use light to improve people's quality of life, and thanks to its materials and light, we can make any room a warm and welcoming place. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, so you can decorate and illuminate any room.

Artemide's best-selling models:

PIRCE: The Artemide PIRCE ceiling model is a lamp inspired by the gentle waves of the sea. It is made up of discs that fall gently downwards, creating a magical illumination.

EDGE: This simple but captivating lamp consists of a white technopolymer lampshade in the shape of a square.

Mantra ceiling lamps

Mantra is dedicated to creating lighting with its own design, quality and, above all, at very affordable prices.

It has a wide catalogue of ceiling lights, among which we will find more modern models with LED as the main element and other more rustic ones.

Mantra's best-selling models:

HEMISFÈRIC: The HEMISFÈRIC ceiling lamp is a beautiful luminous sculpture in the shape of an arch. Thanks to its dimensions and its power it can perfectly illuminate any space.

LUNAS: Lunas is an incredible ceiling lamp available in different versions. Its lampshades are made up of "small crystals" that allow the light to expand in a unique way, while when switched off, it will look like an incredible work of art, capable of fitting into any home.

Flos ceiling lamps

Flos, like Artemide, is an Italian company known all over the world for its incredible designs. They seek to bring together design and sustainable lighting to create timeless and unique luminaires.

Flos best selling model:

WAN C/W: This particular aluminium lamp is composed of an anti-glare shade and two rings with different finishes.

GLO-BALL: This particular lamp by the Italian firm is made up of a hemispherical diffuser of opal blown glass, which allows the light to pass through perfectly, without creating annoying glare. Another of its incredible characteristics is its level of protection. Its IP44 gives it complete protection against the penetration of solid elements with a diameter of more than 1mm and protection against water thrown from any angle.

Buy modern ceiling lamps at the best price

Just like designer lamps, there are also numerous modern lamps that can decorate our home to perfection. We can find from modern Nordic style lamps to minimalist or vintage, always at the best price so you can buy designer ceiling lamps with the confidence of the best brands on the market.

The quality/price ratio of modern lamps is incredible, you can decorate your home economically with quality, durable and beautiful lamps.