Lámparas Marset
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Lámparas Marset

These timeless lamps are a classic of our time thanks to their finishes and the quality of their materials.

At Marset, they are convinced that they manufacture much more than just lamps. They approach light with all of its different nuances and effects to create environments with character. In this way, they help to improve people’s quality of life, giving rise to their passion for great design. This is precisely how this Catalan company’s passion for great design is born. That is, the passion for creating products with austere shapes that generate beauty in light and surprising effects.

Marset is a company that, in the pursuit of its passion for good design, has surrounded itself with numerous highly important design studios and designers. Among them we can find Sputnik Studio, Christophe Mathieu, Joan Gaspar, Inma Bermúdez, Fabien Dumas, Daniel López, Mathias Hahn, Xavier Mañosa, Lluis Porqueras or Francesc Rifé.

That good design that Marset pursues is interpreted by the Catalan company as the impeccable execution of each project, to which they dedicate all of their hard work. A well-made object that is also capable of sparking emotions, capable of innovating and surprising. First and foremost, Marset lamps are tangible products capable of standing the test of time. In recent years, Marset has received the 2014-2015 DME award, the 2015 National Design Award and the FollowMe lamp has been recognised with the 2016 Red Dot award, one of the most important in the international scene.

This Catalan company has positioned itself among the most influential in the world of lighting thanks to its consistency, hard work and dedication to its products. From Barcelona, they design with their emotions and contribute innovation to the widespread design that fills the city known as the “Ciudad Condal”, a city where industrial design is growing stronger and stronger every day.