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Outdoor lighting

If our garden has a path or pathway, it is mandatory that it is illuminated with some type of low luminaire such as bollards. When deciding on the choice of bollards, the most important point is that we like the way they look in the place where they are to be installed (perhaps the most difficult of all if we have a wide range of possibilities). There are LED floodlights and floodlights in a thousand and one different shapes, and there are even floodlights with RGB LEDs.

To help create a cosy atmosphere, it is recommended that the light tone is warm 2700-3000ºK.

To illuminate the walls we can use wall washers or wall lights, if the wall is too high we can use bidirectional wall lights. In some special areas, such as staircases, we can place recessed lights to indicate areas of low luminosity.

If we have outdoor areas in our home, it is very likely that we have a relaxation area where we get together with friends for dinner, or we use it to rest. We should decorate it with various types of lamps but always, preferably, with a warm light tone of 2700-3000ºK. One option is to use lights with adjustable intensity and play with the intensity required for each moment. If in our relaxation area we have a set of tables and chairs outdoors, we cannot install a ceiling lamp to illuminate our table centrepiece, so we will have to place several floor lamps near the main table.

The manufacturer Vibia has the "HALLEY" family of products that can perform the function of a pendant lamp. This effect is achieved thanks to its curved body, which, together with its height, simulates a bent fishing rod. If the lighting is a bit poor we can always install a small table lamp in the centre.

For more intimate and relaxing moments we can place chillout lamps. The most common is to place floor lamps with different shapes that can go unnoticed during the day and take on greater importance at night. There are also "furniture" style lamps that can be used as tables or chairs.