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ceiling fan

Discover the new ceiling fans of Faro Barcelona

One more year, with the arrival of summer, the long hot nights come and the ceiling fans become an ally when we want to find the perfect thermal sensation. Ceiling fans cool the air without drying it out and finally lower the ambient temperature up to 8 degrees. In addition, its consumption compared to the […]

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CIRC estiluz

CIRC – Much more than lamps

CIRC is a peculiar family of lamps designed by Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol to the Spanish firm Estiluz. Estiluz is a company that has been dedicated to lighting for more than fifty years high-end decoration, with designs from great authors and artisan finishes, which makes each light a unique and special jewel. CIRC is […]

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Etiqueta energética

What is the energy efficiency label? – Ilutop

What is energy efficiency label? The approach that a higher energy efficiency index has achieved has been maintained for the last years have allowed the high levels of consumption of resources in simple and designed ways so that they can be understood by any user. Among the various mechanisms available to report on the state […]

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Modern mid-century decor.

The “mid-century modern” decorative style is a term used to refer to a movement recognised by both academics and museums as an important design movement that took place between the 30s and the mid-60s in the 20th century. Mid-Century Evolution of Modernism The mid-century style is actually an evolution of the modernism style that emerged […]

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Vintage decor and retro decor

In recent years, vintage and retro decorations have become a trend and have gained a lot of prominence in interior design. They are based on imitating or recreating the type of decoration used from the 20s to the 60s, with lots of colour, prints and a certain romantic air that is reminiscent of the golden […]

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Ceiling fans – Frequently asked questions

We all know the “normal” or usual operation of ceiling fans but, surely, we have all asked ourselves a question that we have not obtained any answer. Advantages of using a ceiling fan using the ceiling fan has both heakth benefits and savings in electric power. With the use of a ceiling fan, compared to […]

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