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STICKS – Vibia

STICKS is one of the new families presented this year by the Spanish company Vibia, designed by Arik Levy. This family of lamps has been a revolution and its minimalist design of Aluminum transforms linear light into an incredible floating sculpture. Stick luminaires are made up of metal rods, capable of connecting to each other […]

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Colección TOP Vibia

TOP lamps – Vibia

TOP  lamps are a collection of lamps designed by Ramos & Bassols and distributed by the Spanish firm Vibia. TOP is a family of lamps made of aluminum that are characterized by a small central sphere that produces and reflects warm lighting thanks to its source of h igh quality LED light towards the largest […]

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CIRC estiluz

CIRC – Much more than lamps

CIRC is a peculiar family of lamps designed by Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol to the Spanish firm Estiluz. Estiluz is a company that has been dedicated to lighting for more than fifty years high-end decoration, with designs from great authors and artisan finishes, which makes each light a unique and special jewel. CIRC is […]

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Modern mid-century decor.

The “mid-century modern” decorative style is a term used to refer to a movement recognised by both academics and museums as an important design movement that took place between the 30s and the mid-60s in the 20th century. Mid-Century Evolution of Modernism The mid-century style is actually an evolution of the modernism style that emerged […]

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Vintage decor and retro decor

In recent years, vintage and retro decorations have become a trend and have gained a lot of prominence in interior design. They are based on imitating or recreating the type of decoration used from the 20s to the 60s, with lots of colour, prints and a certain romantic air that is reminiscent of the golden […]

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