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STICKS – Vibia

STICKS is one of the new families presented this year by the Spanish company Vibia, designed by Arik Levy.

This family of lamps has been a revolution and its minimalist design of Aluminum transforms linear light into an incredible floating sculpture.

Stick luminaires are made up of metal rods, capable of connecting to each other and rotate on its own axis, thus offering unlimited freedom to direct the light wherever it falls need.


STICKS are compositions of three or more metal rods which can measure 1m. 2m or 3m, connecting to each other until reaching a structure of maximum 6.5m and with asingle point of light.

These incredible luminaires were designed so that custom configurations could be created, thus creating the light compositions we want.

stick vibia

They can be connected from ceiling to ceiling, wall to wall or wall to floor, wall to ceiling or simply suspended in the air.

Thanks to their shape and the light projected by STICKS, they illuminate those corners and dead zones, making architecture and design integrated through light.


Types of installation.


These models can only illuminate that area or connect to the wall creating plans in the same room.

Stick suelo


Wall / ceiling.

As we have already commented previously and thanks to the numerous combinations that we can create with the STICKS, we can connect them from wall to wall thus creating a unique environment or combine both options and connect them from wall to ceiling, thus joining two planes in the same space.

STICK pared


Hanging models are one of the most acclaimed and they also allow multiple combinations such as horizontal, vertical or suspended, thus joining different planes.

stick colgante

STICKS standing.

The standing version is composed of one or two sticks that, depending on their placement, provide an incredible environmental effect.


arik levy

Arik Levy, born 1963 in Tel Aviv, Israel, studied industrial design at Art Center College of Design in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland.

Arik Levy as a lamp designer for Vibia has created a series of collections which share a refined and sculptural approach to forms.

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