Lámparas Arturo Álvarez
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Lámparas Arturo Álvarez

They are a manufacturer that is characterised by its tireless pursuit of human wellbeing through quality finishes, careful details and a whole lot of personality in its lamps. This makes their products unique and exclusive objects.

Its factory is located near Santiago de Compostela and serves as a source of continuous inspiration thanks to the natural enclave in which it is located.

Arturo Álvarez is known for its research work that led it to develop the innovative "Simetech" material. A highly mouldable material that in 2014 obtained Interior Design’s Best of Year recognition for being the best lighting solution.

Throughout these 20 years of history, they have received several prestigious awards such as the Good Design Award and the Red Dot. In addition, some of their designs have been exhibited in important art galleries and museums, such as: London, New York, Tokyo or Barcelona."