Lámparas Estiluz
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Lámparas Estiluz

Estiluz lamps are a great choice when it comes to decorating any room.

Within its extensive catalogue we can find luminaires in multiple styles, from more modern to more vintage.

What is Estiluz?

ESTILUZ is a decorative lighting design company, founded in 1969.

The luminaires are manufactured by prestigious designers, who can let their talent shine, but following guidelines that are very important for the company: Design, quality and durability.

Among its 50 years of experience, work and effort, we can find incredible quality jewels, mostly manufactured and assembled in their own facilities.

Most popular Estiluz models

Estiluz Volta ceiling lamp

VOLTA is a delicate family of lamps designed by Nahtrang Studio for Estiluz.

Composed of six different models in order to adapt, decorate and illuminate any room.

Volta is made up of cylindrical heads with integrated dimmable aluminium LEDs and acrylic diffusers. Adjustable in height and individually adjustable, ideal for living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Estiluz Balloon ceiling lamp

BALLOON is a cute wall lamp designed by CrousCalogero for Estiluz.

Made of polyethylene, Balloon is an incredible option for decorating children's rooms, giving them a beautiful and different touch of light and decoration.

Most popular Estiluz collections


REVOLTA is a family of lamps consisting of a circular body, available in different diameters.

Designed to give an indirect light and an elegant and romantic look to any room.


CIRC is a family of indoor and outdoor luminaires designed by Nahtrang Studio.

It consists of a sphere with integrated LED, superimposed on delicate metal structures or rings.

Thanks to its different combinations, we can decorate any room with this series of luminaires, from the kitchen to the patio of our house.