Lámparas Mantra
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Lámparas Mantra

What is Mantra Lighting?

Mantra Lighting is a company founded in mid-2000.  For years its main objective was to create luminaires with its own design, quality and above all available to everyone, this becoming its "motto" to follow.

It provides a wide catalog, full of luminaires of all kinds, from more rustic models to more modern ones, in order to illuminate any room.

Mantra is known in much of the world and markets its products in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Best-selling Mantra lamps

Among the most famous lamps of Mantra we find the models JAZZ, MADAGASCAR and CORINTIO.

Mantra lamp collections

EOS Collection

The EOS family of lamps, designed by José Ignacio Ballester, replicate the shape of clouds, offering in addition to a "spongy" image, a light distributed in a diffuse and effective way.

EVE Collection

The EVE family of lamps, designed by José Ignacio Ballester, are composed of romantic luminaires, with elegant shades that emerge from a fine structure.


Hemisferic is a modern family of lamps designed by Hugo Tejada. Incredible luminous sculptures in the shape of an arc, capable of illuminating any corner, creating a more than magical feeling.

KNOT Collection

The KNOT LINE family designed by Santiago Sevillano is composed of minimalist lamps, with rarely seen and elegant shapes that offer a warm and cozy light.


The Mediterranean family consists of imperishable luminaires, so that they can adapt to any decoration, from the most modern to the most classic.

NUR Collection

The NUR Family is divided into NUR and NUR LINE. Both designed by José Ignacio Ballester in order to offer minimalist yet modern luminaires that provide warm light. NUR provides subtle lighting and captures all eyes.

SAHARA Collection

SÁHARA is a family of lamps designed by Hugo Tejada for the Spanish firm Mantra. Thanks to its modern and avant-garde lines, the Sahara catches the eye. With a strong yet comfortable lighting, this family of lamps combine perfectly in any room.

ZACK Collection

ZACK is a family formed by opal glass tulips of romantic design. Due to their sophisticated design and opal glass tulip, they are designed to house low-consumption lighting.