Lámparas Artemide
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Lámparas Artemide

It’s history dates back to 1960, when Ernesto Gismondi founded the company in Milan and his first Alfa lamp was born. Its headquarters are located in Pregnana Milanese. It has more than 50 single-brand showrooms located in the most important cities in the world, and its products are distributed in more than 90 countries.

Its success is based on the creation of innovative designs, scientific research, dialogue with important architects, socio-cultural studies and, of course, the outstanding qualities of all its products.

From the start, Artemide has collaborated with the most prominent international designers. Today, Artemide lamps are considered icons of contemporary design and are exhibited in the most important modern art museums and design collections in the world. They represent a mix between state-of-the-art technology and traditional know-how.

Currently, Artemide actively promotes workshops with important design schools to discover young talent.

In the 90s, Artemide adopted “The Human Light” philosophy that revolutionised the way they designed and developed their products, focusing on people’s lighting needs. Their objective is simple, to turn light into an element capable of improving people’s quality of life. In short, it is a new way of understanding light to accompany people in their daily lives, in tune with their moods and contributing to their well-being."