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CIRC estiluz

CIRC – Much more than lamps

CIRC is a peculiar family of lamps designed by Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol to the Spanish firm Estiluz.

Estiluz is a company that has been dedicated to lighting for more than fifty years high-end decoration, with designs from great authors and artisan finishes, which makes each light a unique and special jewel.


CIRC is a revolution and this family of lamps is available with numerous versions both exterior and interior to be able to adapt to all your needs and spaces.

CIRC Estiluz

CIRC -Wall version

CIRC Estiluz

This metallic wall light consisting of a glass shade and a decorative circular ring  it is ideal to light up any room, from the corridor of the home to the terrace and that thanks to its translucent polyethylene version we can enjoy without any problem of this luminaire outdoors.

 CIRC- Table version

Circ presents two table lamps for indoors and outdoors.

CIRC Estiluz

The interior model is made up of a metal structure in which gently  glass shade is dropped, offering direct and indirect lighting.

CIRC Estiluz

The exterior model and possibly the crown jewel of this family of lamps it comes in a portable form and is ideal to decorate any room and thus provide a delicate touch of light.

This model is made up of a beige polyethylene shade and a steel ring.

The battery lasts for six hours at maximum power and a charging time of 10 hours. It is charged through a Mini USB.

CIRC- Suspension version.

CIRC Estiluz

The suspension version is made up of a delicate metal structure in which a crystal ball lies, from which a direct and indirect light emanates. Its height is adjustable it can be installed with the light up or down and thanks to its design can make combinations of more than one luminaire.

Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol


Daniel Vila was born in Sant Quirze Safaja in 1975 and Ester Pujol in Sabadell in 1977.

Both are industrial designers and it was in 2004 when they decided to set up their own design studio in Barcelona to gather their knowledge and experienceswith the aim of creating functional pieces that improve the daily life of customers.

They have won numerous recognitions and are currently developing projects for national and international companies.

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