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Designer table lamps

Types of table lamps

Bedside table lamps: Bedside table lamps, as their name suggests, are those that we place in bedrooms on the table next to the bed, so that we can have a small point of indirect light in our bedroom without the need to switch on the main light.

Flexos or desk lamps: A Flexo is a small table lamp used to directly illuminate the study/work surface without affecting the view. The name Flexo refers to the arm of the luminaire, which normally allows freedom of movement, both to focus the light on the table and to avoid glare.

Table lamps: Table lamps are those that can be placed on any surface, be it a table or a piece of furniture. They are designed both to decorate and to provide an indirect point of light, which gives a relaxing and warm touch to the room.

LED table lamps: As we all know, the use of LEDs is becoming more and more common, and their energy saving is more than remarkable. LED table lamps will allow you to give a decorative touch to any room and at the same time, illuminate without the bill noticing it so much.

Table lamps for the living room or bedroom

When choosing a table lamp, we must be clear about where we want to place it and what function we want it to fulfil.

There are different table lamps, and each one fulfils a different function.

If what we want is to give an extra touch of light to our living room, we will find beautiful table lamps capable of fulfilling this function.

Table lamps for living room

ONFALE - ARTEMIDE: The beautiful table lamp ONFALE, made of blown glass expands the light giving a warm point of light.

Thanks to its design, we can place the lamp in any corner and it will not go unnoticed.

GRETA - CARPYEN: Greta is a very popular table lamp, thanks to its handle it can be easily transported. Its linen shade allows a warm light to pass through, which will help us to relax when we have it on.

MINI KABUKI - KARTELL: The table lamp of the Kartell KABUKI family is made of transparent or paste-dyed thermoplastic technopolymer.

Thanks to its structure, the light melts and gives rise to an incredible and delicate jewel that will illuminate and decorate any room.

Table lamps for bedrooms

Table lamps for the bedroom should provide us with adequate light to be able to read at night without affecting our eyesight or to be able to turn on the light in the middle of the night without being dazzled.

The most recommendable are those with a shade, as the function of the shade is to spread the light in a more diffused way.

LINDA - FARO: Linda is an incredible and modern table lamp with a large diameter, made of steel with a textile shade, which will give us a warm and relaxing light.

NIRVANA - CARPYEN: NIRVANA is a beautiful table lamp, designed for bedrooms.

It is available in various sizes and shades.

LULA - FARO: LULA is a simple lamp composed of a metal structure and a textile shade, which makes it perfect to illuminate any room.

It is available in two different sizes and finishes.

How much do designer table lamps cost?

Within table lamps, there are cheaper and more expensive models. Everything varies depending on their materials and design.

One of the most expensive table lamps is the BIAGIO model by Flos, which costs over €4000.

This luminaire has this price because it is individually manufactured and sculpted from a block of marble. Its incredible shape allows it to project a light capable of enveloping the environment.

Other models are also available for around 300-400€. These models have unique designs and are made of quality materials, which increases their price.

There are cheaper models, which have nothing to envy to more expensive lamps. You can find high quality lamps from 70€ that will also give us an incredible illumination.

As we said at the beginning, before buying a table lamp you must be clear about where you want to place it and what result you want to obtain.