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Designer wall lamps

Normally, wall lights are usually installed in areas where ambient light and relaxation are sought. There is a wide variety of styles and models, from the classic rustic style to the most modern wall lights, as well as children's style wall lights for our children.

Each room has its own needs and characteristics when it comes to choosing the right product. Style is one of the most important points when it comes to choosing a wall lamp, or any other type of lamp, because if we do not like the way it is installed or placed with the rest of the objects in the room, we will not achieve the desired effect.

Types of wall lights according to the light emitted in wall lamps

We can differentiate between two types of wall lamps according to the type of light emitted:

Indirect light: indirect light wall lamps produce a cosy and comfortable sensation, the light is dispersed evenly throughout the room, avoiding glare and shadows.

Specific light: these are wall lights that focus their light on an object. Ideal for use in the illumination of pictures or shelves. It is very common and interesting to use wall lights in bathrooms to illuminate mirrors.

Thanks to the diversity of styles, shapes and colours on the market, we can find the model that best suits the style of our bathroom. The only downside to bathroom wall lights is that they must have an IP protection level equal to or higher than 44, to avoid problems with humidity.

For the use of wall lights in other transit rooms, such as the corridor or patio, it may be of interest to install a wall light with a movement sensor, they are very convenient because we do not have to press switches every time we go from one place to another in the house and we also avoid leaving the lights on if we are not careful.