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Designer ceiling fans

As well as lighting, our renowned manufacturers also create designer fans. After almost a century, they are still one of the favourite accessories when it comes to cooling, lighting and decorating any room.
The manufacturers aim for timeless, functional and modern designs that can be combined in any home.

Types of ceiling fans we have in our catalogue

Ceiling fans with light

If you want to illuminate a room and at the same time, regulate its temperature, ceiling fans with light are a good option.

We must take into account that normally the light power of the fans is usually reduced, although nowadays there are ceiling fans with light designed to illuminate a whole room.

Ceiling fans without light

Ceiling fans without light are designed to regulate the temperature of a room that does not need an extra point of light. They are usually easier to operate and maintain than lighted fans and there are usually more models to choose from.

Silent ceiling fans

If we are looking for a quiet fan, in order to avoid the annoying noise of the motor and blades, there are a couple of points to bear in mind.

There are two types of motors, alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) motors.

Direct current (DC) motors differ from alternating current (AC) motors in their low power consumption and their ability to run perfectly at low speeds, which makes them quieter (although less economical).
Today, high quality fans are available with both AC and DC motors, silent and with minimal power consumption.

Aspects to take into account when buying a ceiling fan

Choosing a ceiling fan may seem a simple task but we must be very clear about its characteristics, functions, dimensions, etc. before buying it.


The design of the fan is very important, as it will be a decorative element in our home.
The materials used for the blades are mostly wood or steel and plastic.
Wood is an excellent quality material that is suitable for most homes, although we should not choose a wooden fan for outdoor spaces as it could be damaged by humidity.
Plastic and steel or metal are very resistant materials and easy to maintain and clean, although it is advisable to place metal fans in rooms such as the kitchen (or outdoors if it has a suitable IP) and plastic or wood fans in the rest of the rooms such as bedrooms or the living room.


The performance of our fan will vary depending on the size of our room. If we have a very large room, we will need a fan with a higher number of blades, larger and more powerful.
Fans depending on the size of our room:

Room of 13 m2 or less: Small fan ( 107 cm max.)
Room 13-17,6 m2: Medium fan (107 - 132 cm)
Room 17,6-28 m2: Large fan (more than 132 cm)
Room 28 m2 or more: Extra large fan (more than 165 cm)

Extra features

Another aspect to consider when choosing a fan is its control system. There are fans that are operated via cords and others that are operated and controlled via remote controls.

Each fan comes with its own system.

Best brands to buy designer ceiling fans

Faro ceiling fans

Faro is one of the leading brands in ventilation. With a wide selection of designs, sizes and finishes, you will find the perfect ceiling fan.

Year after year they work to personalise and adapt the functions of the fans to the needs of the users.

Mantra ceiling fans

Mantra's fans are coming on strong and the firm's main objective is to create modern, silent and, sometimes, luminous fans.

Mantra fans will increase your perception of freshness as they favour the evaporation of moisture from the skin, giving way to an incredible feeling of relief and freshness.

Ceiling fans Aimur Decoration

Aimur offers decorative and economical ventilation. One of its most unique fans is the "Coolwave" model.

C4 LED ceiling fans

LEDSC4 is making great strides towards a place on the ventilation podium.

Most of its fans have the following features:

  • Most feature DC motor.
  • Light weight.
  • Quieter.
  • Longer service life.
  • Motor with 10 years warranty.
  • Fans with "Smart Fan" version
  • Available with or without light, to adapt to every situation.