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LED design lamps

Main advantages of LED lamps

Durability: they have a lifespan of up to 70,000 hours of use.

Energy saving: they are 80% cheaper than traditional halogen bulbs, they help us save on our electricity bill at the end of each month as practically all the energy consumed is used to provide light, unlike halogen bulbs which convert most of the electricity consumed into heat.

Immediate switch-on: no flickering during switch-on and maximum light output right from the start. The most common way to check light output has always been through watts, with LED technology this has changed and watts are not a suitable way to do this, we must look at a characteristic called lumens (lm).

The more lumens, the more light output our lamp offers. For example, if a 50W halogen bulb offered approximately 800lm now with a 9W LED bulb offering about 800lm we can replace our old halogen lamp consuming just over 1/5 of the energy consumed by the old halogen lamp.

How is the colour temperature of a lamp measured?

Thanks to the "Kelvin degrees" offered by the manufacturer, we can choose the colour temperature that best suits our needs.

Warm white (2700-3000ºK): these are lamps that produce a yellow tone of light.

Neutral white (4000-4500ºK): they produce a white light tone such as fluorescent tubes.

Cold white (5800-6000ºK): its tone is closer to blue.