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Hallway lamps

In all hallways there are two clearly differentiated parts:

Entrance hall: this is the main access to our home and is the first impression that our guests will receive of our home, it is advisable to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that invites us to pass through and get to know the different areas of our home.

Hallway: a very common option for lighting the hallway is to install downlights for both high and low ceilings. We can also choose to install high hanging lamps when our ceiling has a considerable height, more than 3 metres. On the other hand, if what we want is to achieve an optical effect that gives the sensation of a greater height, we can achieve this by installing wall lights directed towards the ceiling.

An option for when we want to have the corridor illuminated at night is to install recessed LED lights in the wall at a short distance from the floor that can be used as a guide. Thanks to their low power consumption, they can be kept on all night with hardly any energy consumption.