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Design floor lamps

We are seeing more and more of these lamps in our homes and a good floor lamp can illuminate any room, from the dining room to the bedrooms and not forgetting the kitchen.

The lighting provided by a floor lamp is ambient and has an incredible decorative effect, which will give extra light and decoration to any room.

It is important to take into account the use to which the lamp is going to be put and the general colour of the room, as a light-coloured room will need less light than a dark-coloured one. We should also take into account whether or not it is dimmable, as the same room may need a different light intensity at different times of the day.

In general, most floor lamps produce a type of ambient lighting, although there are models that provide direct lighting to focus on areas of the room or to help us when reading.

Types of design lamps

Adjustable floor lamps

Dimmable floor lamps are perhaps the most popular, because thanks to the fact that the light intensity can be regulated, we can enjoy different versions within the same luminaire.

We can enjoy warm or dim light when we want to relax or, on the contrary, a more powerful light.

Arc lamps

Arc lamps complement the decoration of any room, providing an extra point of light.

Their peculiar shape makes these lamps an original option that, due to their size (usually large) and composition, adapts to any decorative style.

If you have space, placing an arc lamp will give you all the light power you need and will catch the eye of everyone who enters your home.

Tripod lamps

Tripod lamps are an incredible decorative element. Thanks to their shape, straight lines and sober colours, they can decorate any room regardless of its style, as they will fit in perfectly.

Normally these types of lamps are placed in the corners of living rooms or bedrooms so that, when the time comes, they illuminate the room in a warm and cosy way.

Best brands of designer floor lamps

Vibia floor lamp

Vibia manufactures floor lamps based on unique and unrepeatable designs. As usual, this manufacturer tries to merge design with functionality, creating timeless luminaires that decorate and illuminate any room.

Carpyen floor lamps

Carpyen manufactures modern and flexible floor lamps. In each production, design, functionality and practicality merge in perfect balance to provide incredible luminaires.

Mantra floor lamps

Mantra mostly manufactures stunning designer floor lamps that can be incorporated anywhere, not excluding the most avant-garde environments, creating a beautiful visual sensation.

Materials used in the design of floor lamps:

The materials used in the design of the floor lamps are the result of constant research, in order to produce more sustainable, resistant and economical luminaires.

Among the materials used in the design and manufacture of these exquisite luminaires we can find metal, glass, fabric, wood, plastic, polycarbonate and even cement.

What to consider when choosing a designer floor lamp


One of the strong points to take into account when choosing a floor lamp is the design. Depending on the decoration of our home, we can choose between designer, modern, Nordic, industrial, etc. luminaires.


Another point to take into account when choosing our floor lamp is the materials.

This is also influenced by the decoration of our home. Depending on this, we can choose wooden luminaires to give a cosier atmosphere, glass or fabric to allow more light to pass through, metal for a more industrial style, etc.


The prices of floor lamps vary depending on how they are designed and manufactured, ranging from 100 ¤ to 2000 ¤ for the most expensive and exclusive ones.


In order to blend perfectly in any room, colours play a very important role when choosing a luminaire. The most commonly used colours are usually neutral, although we can find luminaires in blue, red, pink and bright colours to give a touch of light and colour to our home.

Type of light

Depending on where the luminaire is located, we must choose one shade of light or another. Most floor lamps are located in the living room or dining room, so they are usually designed to give a warm light that allows us to indirectly illuminate the room, giving it a touch of elegance and warmth.